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Why Choose Us

Our slogan or motto is "We mitigate your risks for your business profit maximization" and we are providing our services with fully commitment on this motto. Following details below are our quality services and main services, we do provide.

Schematic Design Stage

Preparing preliminary estimates of the probable construction costs based on current area, volume or other unit costs.

Design Development Stage

Updating the preliminary costs estimate of probable construction costs.

Construction Stage

Contract administration for all contractors under particular condition of contract.
Provide cash flow of the whole construction cost for the client.

Final Completion Stage

Final account for all contractors accurate construction cost for the client. Finalizing the contract document and preparation for the facility managment contract.

Tender Documentation Stage

In collaborating with other consultants, preparation of the bills of quantities or other tender documents from finalized working drawings, specifications which are necessary for clients.

Inviting tenders for the project on behalf of client.

Evaluate and Award the tenders on behalf of clients.

Preparation of the contract documents between client and the building contractor.

Our Services